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Specialized Visions and Consultations

Specialized Visions and Consultations

We specialize in providing banking consultations

As a result of the significant expansion witnessed by the banking and financial exchange companies in the local market, financial companies, institutions and digital payments have become a main player in shaping the national economy. In response to this change, the Central Bank has imposed more regulatory controls on this sector to regulate the work of this targeted market. And due to our realization of the importance of this change, we have allocated a qualified experienced and specialized personnel to carry out evaluation operations and provide technical offers and banking consultations related to this sector.

  • check Providing consultation necessary for the establishment of Microfinance banks
  • check Preparing policies and procedures in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank
  • check Suggesting the organizational structure of the company / entity that supports its operations
  • check Dividing and distributing the financial and operational authorities to fit with the financial system of the company / entity
  • check Evaluating among variety of systems and suggesting the best ecosystem
  • check Providing advice in the field of compliance and risk management
E-Payments Services

We provide Digital Payment consultation services through a specialized and expert team in this field


Conducting feasibility study for operating digital payment services.


Support in the selection, setting up, and implementation of the most appropriate electronic payment system.


Creating and designing the best business model.


Implementing and customizing the E-payment systems to meet customer needs and local regulatory requirements.


Conducting comprehensive reviews and assessments of e-money service-related policies and procedures and suggesting improvements where needed.


Assessing and developing the business models, tools, financial reports, and strategic plans for the company.


Conducting compliance with monetary authority requirements like Anti-money laundering and risk management, automatically analyzing and managing operational risks in line with the financial system of the E-Wallet operator.


Build and develop the agent network by: a) Building and developing the agent network in accordance with the related international standards and best practices, which will be accurately adapted to fit the targeted market environment. b) Putting in place the terms of reference for agents contracting according to their rank in the agent hierarchy. c) Putting in place agents contracting mechanism. d) Preparing an inclusive training program for building the capacity of agents and staff. e) Setting up an adequate mechanism for assessing, monitoring, and following up the agent network. f) Designing an appropriate reporting mechanism for agents 'activities.


Allocating the ecosystem and assigning the permissions according to the organizational chart and job descriptions for all units and depts.

Specialized Visions and Consultations

Information Technology Environment Evaluation

The great development that the world witnessed in the field of information technologies was accompanied at the same time by an increase in the risks associated with the use of these technologies by businesses. Thus, an increasing need for a tight control structure that enhances the benefits and advantages of information technology and reduces its risks.



Evaluating general controls over the client’s IT environment


Evaluating controls over IT applications


Evaluating policies and procedures for developing IT systems


Evaluating policies of physical information technology resources acquisition and operation


National and International Commercial Arbitration

Our company provides national and international commercial arbitration services in accordance with the arbitration basic procedural references represented by the Yemeni Arbitration Law, Amman Arabic Convention on Commercial Arbitration, UNCITRAL Rules and the Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris – the International Court of Arbitration. Our team have long years of experience serving the NGO sector and provide the following services:

Agreed-upon procedures engagements (Auditing in accordance with donor requirements)

Micro Assessment and spot check engagements

Capacity assessment and capacity building programs, including effective contract management, vendor prequalification process, and shared cost allocation

Designing internal control systems

Preparation of financial and administrative policies and manuals

Internal audit and compliance engagements

Strategic and performance management services and training