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Business Development and Change Management

Business Development and Change Management
Due to the importance of enhancing performance and activities of existing businesses, and in order to meet the needs and requirements of investors in public and private sectors, AIM has specialized experts to provide an professional consulting service in this aspect.

Evaluating the performance of existing projects and identify weaknesses and shortcomings which need to be changed


Developing requirements for restructuring and change management that achieve project objectives


Developing strategic guidance and well-thought-out plans to improve organizational development


supporting the activities and sectors of new businesses that align with the aspirations of funders, investors, and relevant parties, and to equip companies and projects financially, technically, and operationally to meet their success determinants and thrive in the local and international market


Conducting a feasibility study to analyze all critical aspects of the new project to determine the probability of completing it successfully


Evaluating and implementing the necessary due diligence for business and investment sectors


Evaluating the necessary visions for project restructuring and development, including cases of acquisition, merger, and others


Provide an executive road map for developing and enhancing performance, including plans and strategies that suit the quality of business activities and large investments


provide visions and analysis of technical and operational systems and develop executive plans that include policies, procedures, job descriptions, and tasks


Develop a vision for investment management, including the design of ideas and presentation to investors, establishment of public and private joint-stock companies, and the development of appropriate organizational structures and operational maps


Develop requirements for business success according to project management principles


Design visions and technical systems and operate applications that help grow business sectors and increase competitive advantages